Our Programme

Getting a job can be hard, and in today’s competitive environment, work experience has never been more important. However, work experience is much more than just something to add to your CV. It’s all about finding what you do and don’t like and what direction you’d like to take your career.

Throughout the program, you’ll have opportunities to develop and build your skills, as well as gaining hands-on experience. You’ll leave the program with newfound confidence and a CV that will get you in anywhere.

How to Hustle?

First, you’ll start with a personality test. This will identify your strengths and weaknesses and will highlight areas for improvement.

Kicking off your catering career, you will be offered the chance to complete your levels 1-3 in food and hygiene accredited by City and Guilds. We’ll then put your learnings into practice with hands-on experience in real kitchens based in east London. Along the way, you’ll be taught by some of the best chefs London has to offer.

Throughout the process, your catering experience will be accompanied by customer service and sales technique training. We’ll teach you the lesson of how to hit sales targets, whilst keeping the all-important customer happy.

You’ll then take your new-found skills to festival season, working at some of the biggest events and festivals of the year. Super cool right?

For the entrepreneurs amongst us, we run workshops on managing money, how to set up your own business and understanding finances.

At the end of your journey, whether you choose to stay in catering or explore a completely different industry, you’ll be able to confidently step into any job equipped with the tools and skills you need to succeed, all summed up in a tailor-made video CV, documenting your progress and experience with Hustle Eats.

What’s in it for you?

  • Personality test highlighting your strengths and weaknesses
  • CV building workshops
  • Video CV documenting your work with Hustle Eats
  • Catering qualifications 1-3 in food and hygiene
  • Hands-on experience in real-life kitchens
  • Invaluable training with London’s best chefs
  • Top tier sales and customer service training
  • Opportunities to work at some of the biggest events and festivals

Hustle Teach

We will work with schools to help reach a younger population (8 years – 16 years), supporting teachers to deliver a really effective programme of education focussed on nutrition, and how to start thinking about food and cooking. The aim is to work with teachers in a familiar classroom environment so that their pupils can receive a foundation for making good choices – whether that means how to address cooking on a budget or understanding which foods can energise mental and physical health.

Hustle Teach Workshop Agenda


  • Background, social diversity, current knowledge
  • An outline of the workshop and desired outcomes

Food Glorious Food

  • The importance of food and its role in our everyday lives- popular public opinions vs science
  • Where does our food come from? Food providence, arable, pastoral and mixed farming
  • Seasonality, understanding grown, reared, caught, processed

Nutrition and Health

  • Nutrition and Health- the importance in overall wellbeing , physical and mental health effects.
  • The Eatwell Guide and the balanced diet – what it is , variations- dietary choices
  • Ways to eat better for a healthier life –
  • Nutritional information – packaging and understanding it
  • Macros, micro nutrients and mineral as per eatwell guide
  • Food, energy, calories and the myths

Health and Hygiene

  • Food Hygiene and Safety checklists for practical sessions
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Easy 6 steps approach before handling food
  • Equipment usage and storage.
  • Allergens and dietary conditions

Practical cookery

  • Practical equipment needs
  • Food preparation techniques- Boiling, Frying, Baking, Roasting,
  • Cooking Methods, managing limitations and dietary advice, one pot cookingsessions
  • Catering Ingredients and store cupboard staples-Fresh vs Dry vs frozen
  • Understanding ingredients and alternatives, Storage and sustainability,providence
  • Planning cookery sessions and timings- Time, Budget and facilities.
  • Cooking and reheating food
  • Evaluating our cooking , taste, Textures, presentations

Hustle Cooks

We will run practical, interactive cookery workshops in more diverse spaces open to young people and families as a tangible means to introduce and encourage better health through cooking and real life skills.

Our workshops will provide hands-on skills achieved through the process of cooking; not just learning a recipe, but also planning and collaborating with others.

Each session can be tailored to the age groups attending, ensuring the sessions are enjoyable, collective and informative, meaning the key message of being in control of what you eat is resonated throughout.

Street Hustle

Street Hustle aims to share our knowledge and expertise to help elevate new street food business. With over 20 years of knowledge in the hospitality and catering industries we have the skill, expertise, knowledge to help create sustainable street food vendors. micro day festivals that showcase modern counter culture through live arts.

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